I git innit 

With a visionary passion for curating experiential events within the fashion and entertainment industries, my expertise lies within the field of communications, where I have strategically developed the best PR practices for various brands. I have additionally assisted many of these brands with on-site creative production.

Coupled with my experience as a lead producer and creative director, I now look forward to evolving my skills, seeking to bridge the gap between tech and my previous experience as a software engineer.

tahirahashah | technologies


dream catcher

project one - individual programming 

technologies used: CSS |  HTML | JavaScript

timeframe: fifteen days

Inspired by the original snake game allowing the player to catch their dreams, I incorporated game rules and animation.

fun findr

project two - paired programming 

technologies Used:  Node.js,  React.js,  CSS, Bulma,  Mapbox, Express.js

timeframe: three days 

My partner and I equally built an event searching app that filters through a map and specific location for people to look for events, solely focusing on front-end development. We used Node.js to consume an events API that enables users to search for events based on keywords, dates and location.

CHoW Vow

project three - four person collaborative programming 

technologies used: JavaScript, React.js,  Node.js, 

Express,  Bulma,  Mapbox, MongoDB

timeframe: seven days

an app for members to trade skills and search for other chefs from anywhere in the world. Users are allowed to request to trade and leave reviews. I took the lead in creating the register and login page. Created the secure routes for all the pages, did some styling using Bulma, and Sass. 

Dear love letters

 project four - individual programming 

technologies used: Python, Django, Create React, JavaScript, Bulma, SCSS, Express, PostgreSQL

timeframe: seven days 

Dear Love Letters is a virtual pen pal app connecting people through feelings + healing. Open letters for people to read anonymously that they then can connect with if they want to keep in touch. This app was created with multiple SQL relationships models between the penpal, feelings, and herbs that linked to the feeling. My focus was more so on the front-end so I used Bulma and Sass to make the app look aesthetically pleasing.



General Assembly - software engineer student 

London -  Dec. 2019 - Mar. 2020

Developing a new technical skill set at General Assembly over a 12- week timeframe has allowed me to grow into deeper interpersonal skills and has given me the opportunity to support, trust, and motivate a group of people. I trained in software engineering techniques such as programming languages, management and deployment, and databases. 

Just Tea - Founder, Creative Strategist 

London | New York  Feb. 2015 - Ongoing 

Founder of a creative boutique agency specialising in brand development, events and experiential activations for brands in the fashion, wellness and entertainment industries. Our primary purpose is to be the liaison between the brand and its market, by constructing experiences in a social and digital space.


Work Mediums: campaigning, creative/ art direction, and production. 

Clients: Sunday School, Afrochella, HalfMoon Radio, Young Paris, Artsy Magazine  

DEPOP - Activation Manager

London  Oct. - Nov. 2019


Had the ability to develop relationships and successfully manage account for activation for the brick and mortar Selfridges pop up. activated influencers with the brand. Built and maintained a calendar of brand activation events for the team. Educated consumers about the product through in-store  brand activation. Analysed the success of previous campaigns.

Cannes Lions Creative Festival -Awards Processor

London  Mar. - Jun. 2019 

Worked on a team to process awards entries using databases and bespoke judging software.  Handled the external and internal communication with companies who submitted their advertising campaigns for the 2019 festival. Reviewed all materials and checked that the entry is entered correctly.